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NIR Spectrometer Calibrator

Role: UI/UX Designer / Researcher
Duration: 4 months
Client: Perkin Elmer


What is NIR Spectrometry?

Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR), especially modern FT-NIR spectrometers like those by Bruker Optics, has revolutionized quality control in the food industry, enabling non-destructive analysis of both solid and liquid samples. Distinguishing itself from traditional methods, FT-NIR is swift, cost-effective, and avoids chemicals, focusing on the absorption of near-infrared light to analyze organic materials in foods. This technology is not only vital for monitoring product integrity but also excels in tasks such as the identification of food ingredients and additives.

Project Brief

Develop advanced software that can predict the accuracy of the NIR (Near Infrared) instrument by analyzing historical and laboratory datasets to create an accurate calibration model.


In the competitive landscape of NIR calibration tools, it became evident that there was a significant gap between expert users and those with minimal experience. Legacy NIR calibration software, while effective, did not necessarily cater to the needs of every user, especially those less familiar with the intricacies of the calibration process.

Competitive Analysis

A thorough analysis of competitors and our legacy NIR calibration software revealed the essential features and potential areas of innovation.

Competitors Benchmarking


Working closely with key stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and end-users, we crafted a software solution tailored to meet the needs of all users, ensuring an inclusive user experience.

User flow
Project Whiteboard

Key Features


Score Number Concept

Introduced a “Score Number” – a tangible value that communicates the accuracy of the calibration model. This simple yet powerful metric enables users, especially those with less experience, to gauge the reliability of their calibration model effectively.

pls model


User-Friendly Interface

Designed an intuitive interface that simplifies complex processes such as data set review, outlier identification and calibration model calculation, ensuring users can easily navigate and understand functionalities.

PLS plot


Coach Marks Integration

To enhance user experience and provide guidance, coach marks were implemented, spotlighting key features of the software and offering users a guided walkthrough of its primary functionalities.

coach marks

Finished Mockups

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